Essay on Construction Technology And Design Of Construction

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Robyn-Jo Williams.
Unit 5 – Construction technology and design in construction.
Brian Jones.

I have been asked to create a leaflet describing the factors that influence the design process of a project and will explain the roles and responsibilities of the design team and the production team during a project. (In this assignment I will cover P1, P2+P3).

P1 Describe the factors that influence the design process.

There are more than a few factors that can have in impact on the design process of a project and make the project feasible. The design process is influenced by the client’s requirements, the finances available, the schedule of the build, any changes in the design that take place, the planning approvals, the site access, existing services and nearby buildings, the building use, the design of the building, the materials used, land suitability, landscape (topography), site conditions, the possession of the land, the effect the build will have on the natural surroundings and many more influential aspects.

The design process is influenced by the land size, configuration, typography, ecology and drainage. These factors could possibly effect how and where the building will be built.
Before a project has commenced the land needs to be thoroughly inspected. For example, if the land is on a flood plain, the proposed plan will have to be postponed or even cancelled because of flooding possibilities. The
Water tables must be read through to see how deep the foundations of…

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