Construction Industry Has Changed Over The Years Essay example

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The construction industry has changed over the years and has brought many new advances in place on how things should be done and also on how projects are organized.
The construction industry has been around for many years and has benefited not only the people but also the workers, not just by how buildings are constructed but by the way they are kept track of so the companies won’t lose money or time. That is why we have construction managers, they help with the many simple things in the project such as keeping up with workers and letting them know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, construction managers don’t only keep up with workers they also keep up with the financial budget they have on their company, these managers help companies save time and money by making sure they track each piece of material being used on the site so they can manage to make a profit, construction managers are also in charge of setting dates on when projects will begin and when they will be finished, all this type of management can help a lot when there is a big project at hand. Management in the construction industry has evolved over time and is betting every year giving better financial results in companies.

It wasn’t until in 1949 that the first construction managers graduated. This meant that before this date many construction companies lost many times count of the amount of materials used and very often lost money. Before construction managers where…

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