Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon

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Register to read the introduction… For example, they further developed the integrated circuit for their mission, encouraging the development of the home computer. The global impact doesn’t just stop there. NASA’s technology aided the development of fire detectors and fire resistant materials, the Space Pen, and shock absorbing materials like helmets, TV Satellite Dishes, and medical imaging devices.
On February 15, 2001 Fox News aired a programme called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” (Schadewald) This addressed the most common arguments of moon landing conspiracy theorists. One of the most popular is the waving American flag; how can the flag flutter when there is no wind in space? In the video of the moon landing, the American flag set up was waving. Conspiracy theorists state this as further evidence the moon landing was not real. Actually, since space is a vacuum, things don’t stop moving as quickly as they do on the moon as they do on
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This seems like a perfectly credible argument, how can there be no stars visible in space? Remember the answer to the earlier argument of why there are shadows on the moon? This answer is the same for why no stars can be seen. The brightness of the lunar surface makes the background stars too dim to be seen in the photos (especially with the technology of 1969). Compared to the amount of light reflected off the moon, the far-away stars weren’t bright enough to register on the photos, giving them the appearance of not being there either (The Goods or Bads). You can try this experiment yourself. Take a photo of a brightly lit person outside at night, you won't find any stars in your photograph

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