Conspiracies, Corruption And Climate By Paul Krugman

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Should the United States government have more scientists than politicians? Paul Krugman, staff writer of The New York Times, expresses to his audience that since the government doesn’t care about science, the United States is doomed. In the article Conspiracies, Corruption and Climate, Paul Krugman writes about how the government is corrupted and the conspiracies about Hurricane Irma. Paul Krugman is a passionate and aggressive writer that knows how to get his points across and how to express his opinions so that others believe him. By thoroughly expressing his thoughts about the people in the United States government, Paul Krugman used Hurricane Irma in the beginning and the government's’ beliefs on climate change towards the end of the article.
The conspiracies about scientists have been floating around for awhile, many people know that. Rush Limbaugh has his own ideas about scientists. He believes that scientists are causing trouble by saying, in the beginning, that Hurricane Irma is not a real threat. He says, “There is a desire to advance this climate changing agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it.(Krugman page 1)” Limbaugh also says, “‘fear and panic’ help sell batteries, bottled water, and TV advertising.(Krugman page 1)” He doesn’t believe that science is either real or factual, it shows that science is a hoax. Although not a lot of people like him, he does bring up a huge topic about climate change, which is what a lot of the article is about. The idea about climate
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The question in the introduction paragraph is, should the United States government have more scientists than politicians? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no, there are many factors that contribute to the solution. In conclusion, Paul Krugman used effective rhetoric when writing this article. Since he was very passionate about this topic he was able to connect to his readers and other

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