Console Of The Console Slave Essay

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THE CONSOLE SLAVE “Filthy Console Peasants” –Tim Wagemaster
The console slave is the opposite of the PC master race. These are the people who only believe in console gaming, nothing else. They believe that computers are a wasted platform for gaming, that because consoles were the original platform for gaming, they are the best. I really do not know too many of these people, but the ones I do know are fairly extreme. Most console gamers play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many other similar games. Because these “console slaves” only play console games, the influx of people who have never even experienced PC gaming is high. This influx of unexperienced, young gamers leads to some “interesting” people, to be discussed later on. The Console slave is commonly regarded similarly to the PC master race. You must either support these people, or disregard them. I, as a sort of “moderate” am not openly hostile towards them. I do find them annoying though. Many console games are very closed minded, and just blood and gore. Anyone who can play these games for years on end and still get enjoyment from them is certainly a strange specimen. At least to me.
THE “HACKER” “FileSystemOperations.cleo IniFiles.cleo IntOperations.cleo Did it crash yet?” – A “Professional Hacker”
The hacker is someone who feels as though they are an IT genius and is able to crash any game that they want. Typically these people try to crash different games and servers by entering chat into the…

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