Consequences of Domestic Violence on Children Performance Essay

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This research work was carried out to examine the consequences of domestic violence on the performance of school children. The research methodology utilizes descriptive statistics with simple numbers and percentages in the analysis and synthesizing of primary sources of data collected via questionnaire, as well as diverse literature on the area of study. However, the findings revealed that commitment by parents; caregivers and teachers in carrying out their responsibilities seem to be on the decline. The study further exposes some inherent challenges and abuses faced by learners in unsuitable living conditions. The implications of such situations are that learning institution should ascertain possible ways of liberating the
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This is especially so when the woman is economically dependent on the man. The society is basically patriarchal and women’s place within the scheme is decidedly subordinate. Domestic violence therefore functions as a means of enforcing conformity with the role of a woman within customary society. It therefore does not matter if the woman is economically dependent or not, her position, like that of the children is subordinate. Violence against women in the home is generally regarded as belonging to the private sphere in Nigeria and is therefore shielded from outside scrutiny. A culture of silence reinforces the stigma attached to the victim rather than condemning the perpetrator of such crimes (afrolNews, 2007).
Project alert (2001), in a survey on violence against women conducted interviews with women working in the markets and other places of work and girls and young women in secondary schools and universities, in Lagos state, Nigeria. 64.4% of 45 women interviewed in the work place said they had been beaten by a partner (boyfriend or husband), 56.6% of 48 interviewed market woman admitted experiencing such violence. Similar interviews carried out in Oyo state and other parts of Nigeria, yielded similar results. The incidence of domestic violence is high. In a study carried out by Obi and Ozumba (2007), on the factors associated with domestic violence, in South East, Nigeria, 70% of respondents reported abuse in their family with 92% of the victims being

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