Persuasive Essay On Armenian Genocide

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When we hear the word “genocide” we at once remember the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. About 6 million of people became victims of the Holocaust, 1.5 million of Armenians were killed in the Armenian Genocide, these huge numbers will always remain in our minds. A lot of people lost their families, homes and the ability to live in peace. These actions, by no means, left imprint on our ancestors whose peaceful life was disrupted. The problem of genocide is currently central problem of our time. It is a crime against humanity, crime which has irreversible consequences on lives of millions of people. It was done by the dreadful and crack-brained actions of the people who wanted to turn their nationalistic perceptions into practical deeds. In my opinion, it is important to grasp the roots of this type of crime and to why people commit it. Nowadays, even after so many years, this problem stays open because it had some influence on the development of the countries and the relations between them. Many people think that nationalistic inclinations straightway stoke controversy among people. Thus, the question is raised, can the genocide be viewed as a result of nationalism? To begin …show more content…
The extolment of one nation which tries to put itself as a dominant, unavoidably triggers to discriminatory actions towards the rival nations. This, unfortunately, can end as a genocide. Nationalism can be attended by the assimilation – process within one nation loses its identity through the replacement of other nations’ features. Thus, it causes liquidation of this identity by the cruel methods. In many situations, certain group of people starts to think that it’s nation might be the only nation in the whole world or it decides to eliminate or to destroy particular nation because it’s values, religion or just people’s appearance do not coincide with the perceptions of those instigators of the

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