Civil War Inevitable Essay

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The Civil War was undoubtedly the most defining moment in the development of American history. Preceding it included the antebellum period from 1840-1850 which was one of great change as the dynamics of the American situation shifted after the end of the war between Mexico and the United States. Along with the American victory came consequences as slavery expanded into newly acquired territories. This further deepened the sectional divide among northern and southern states and would throw the country into turmoil. This apparent conflict brought upon a resurgence in American politics and it was an all out brawl for who would decide the fate of the nation in regards to slavery. Although leaders sought compromise, the constant bombardment of political …show more content…
The rivalry between Abraham Lincoln, the Republican nomination and Breckenridge, the Constitutional Democrat nomination was one of the most anticipated political battles of the century. This election was of the utmost importance as the nation’s new leader would decide the future of the extension of slavery. Lincoln ended up winning the election as a result of a Democratic split of votes despite not receiving any votes from Southern states as many did not even have his name on their ballots. Following the election, South Carolina threatened secession due to Lincoln’s abolitionist policies in addition to later confusion over Fort Sumter and whether the federal government or South Carolina deserved ownership of the land. Following South Carolina’s formal secession from the Union, Fort Sumter was under construction and was being defended by two companies of federal troops. Secretly, a supposed deal with South Carolina under the nose of Lincoln, where the federal government was to transfer the Fort to South Carolina was violated as General Anderson of the Union did not surrender. At this moment, the South fired upon the fort and several other federal aid ships supplied by Lincoln and the first formal battle of the Civil War was underway. The sectional tension among the North and the South regarding slavery was now unleashed and the country surged with sentiment as 10 other states

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