To Kill My Roommate Analysis

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It is plotted that in 2046 my previous roommate becoming one of the most brutal leaders that killing a lot of innocent people. There would be a chance that to let me to travel back to the university time and kill him, in order to prevent the outbreak of the situation. This essay will argue that killing my roommate to save a lot of innocent people on the future is not a good choice and it is morally wrong although it might save a lot of innocent people. This will be addressed by demonstrating the consequence of killing my roommate and the controversial views on killing my roommate.

First argument that is not to kill my roommate by travelling back to the old time because based on the law system nowadays, killing anyone is prohibited and anyone who violates the law would be sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. Also, killing a person is an act the morally wrong. According to Kantianism purposed by Kant, people should follow the maxim as their living guidelines so that no one should violate other’s human right that the right of living. Moreover, Kant also purpose that we should no use others in order to achieve our purpose, such as killing my roommates to save thousands of innocent lives. By following Kantianism, this purposed me not to kill my teammate to prevent a terrible war in 2046.

Furthermore, another argument that we should not use negative method to repay the price when someone did something negative to us, such as my roommate start the war and kill a lot of innocent people and causing me have to travel back to kill him as to repay and prevent
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It is because this act is offending my roommate free wills and disobeying the universal maxim of human rights. Moreover, killing my roommate is a contradictory act because it would not bring the best consequence to people. As a result, I would not travel back and kill him to prevent the terrible war which started by

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