Essay Connections : Reader Response For The English Language

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Connections: Reader Response

Please read the required readings for this week. Then complete the following sections. Your discussion should be substantial, professional, and insightful.

Summary (5 points) Summarize the major ideas from the reading in a short paragraph (minimum of 200 words).

This week’s chapter discussed the different languages that contribute to the English language and the history of how those languages have influenced other cultures’ language development as well. Over 2000 years of different cultures and their language deposits as they visited different countries can be accounted for as contributing to the English language. Many of the words in the English language are made of parts of Anglo-Saxon, French, and Greek, which all belong to different language systems. However, it is important to remember that all English words are not used at the same rate and are separated into four different rate of usage groups, with some used most frequently to those used rarely. The simple words that are used at the start of language learning, Anglo-Saxon root words, begin to transform in to the more complex vocabulary that is more descriptive, with French and Greek additions to each word.

The complexity of the English language morphology, semantics, idioms, and other parts of speech makes learning English more difficult for those who are acquiring it as a second language. However, to learn more about the words of the English language, to learn about the…

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