Conflict Management : Does Supervisors Or Managers Inability? Manage Conflicts Effects A Company Productivity?

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Tosha Austin
Dr. Ramona Hyman
English 500
1 November 2016

Conflict Management: Does Supervisors or Managers Inability to Manage Conflicts Effects a Company Productivity.
Created by Tosha Austin of Alabama A&M University

Business Management is a big part in corporate business used as a systematic structure to induce roles within companies to achieve an over goal as an organization. These roles are divided into titles formed into a general hierarchy for position based titles. As these title are formed, there is also govern policies build and implemented for these companies. The growth of a company comes from the well preformed hierarchy of position based titles, these titles consist of positions like supervisors, managers, and general employees with departmental titles. One of the supervisor’s task is to adhere to mangers task as the mangers overseas employees insuring that every role is performed well under a company standard. Within the supervisory position the introduction to developmental management skill is required as to dealing with crisis that sometimes are not only about managing by policies and procedures but also conflict management. Conflict management if not implemented can affect a company productivity and employee’s morale to work efficiently. As research continues this allows developmental areas like interpersonal conflict management, people- focused conflict and issue- focused conflicts to be presented to further examine productivity and morale verse…

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