Conflict Management : A Common Social Phenomenon Essay example

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Conflict management in organizations
Conflict is a common social phenomenon in all types of organizations. Some different people with purpose and completely different needs always easily lead to conflict. The outcome of the conflict could lead to mutual animosity. However conflict can be the driving force of development. If you know how to solve them one who knows the science we are one of the innovative impetus for your organization. In many cases, conflict is not handled, not because people do not recognize their existence but because people do not know how handle. Therefore, proper awareness and handling conflict in favor of the organization is an important skill for any manager as well as each individual in general. Conflict was assessed according to the negative aspects and synonymous with concepts such as violence, vandalism and unreasonable, so we need to avoid conflict. The view that all conflict is negative for us a simple way to explain the behavior of people who cause conflicts. To avoid any conflicts, we just care about the causes of conflict and to overcome them in order to improve the operation of groups and organizations. Views the relationship between human relations of human conflict that is the natural result and can not avoid in any groups. It is not harmful but is more active can be a positive force in the decision of the group activities. Since we can not avoid conflict, we need to accept it. Also conflict can not be excluded and may even conflict…

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