Conflict Handling Styles And An Individual 's Preferred Methods Of Dealing With Conflict

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1. This activity addresses conflict handling styles and identifies an individual’s preferred methods of dealing with conflict. The assessment measures individual conflict resolution preferences in, problem solving, forcing, avoiding, yielding and compromising. Each conflict handling style presents benefits, and challenges, and is best suited to different situations. Avoidance is an appropriate style in situations where the issue has become too emotional. The orientation of an individual also plays a role in their preferred conflict handling style; individuals with a win-win orientation are more likely to use problem solving, whereas forcing tends to indicate a win-loss orientation.
2. Initially, two of my conflict handling styles scores surprised me. My problem solving score, which was 18 out of 20, corresponds with my logical nature. I am open to compromise in certain situations, so my compromising score of 14, which is in the middle of the moderate range does not surprise. My yielding score of 9 places me at the bottom of the moderate preference, this coincides with my strong minded
Activity Title: What is your preferred leadership management style?
1. Managerial leadership is the behaviour and actions of managers that improve employee performance, satisfaction and well being. Managerial leadership differs from transformational leadership in that it focuses on the manager’s behaviour towards employees, but the two leadership styles can, and are, practiced my managers…

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