Concussions And Its Effects On Concussions Essay

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Throughout the last couple of years, the public awareness for concussions has skyrocketed. Specifically, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when the brain hits against the skull causing a change in mental status or behavior. Even with growing awareness, many do not fully understand all aspects of this serious injury. The public should know ways to prevent concussions, recognize signs if one does occur, know the treatment methods, and have an idea of when athletes can return to participation after this injury. Public awareness on concussions in these areas can make our country as a whole much safer.
Contrary to popular belief, helmets do not lower the risk for concussions.1 Helmets are actually meant to prevent head injuries such as skull fractures. However, there are many other ways to prevent concussions.
One of the main ways to prevent a concussion is to simply have athletes play by the rules. The sport of football has developed new rules that prevent opportunities for concussions.3 For an example, in football it is against the rules to tackle a player with a direct hit to the head. Instead, athletes should tackle with the shoulder first. Simply following this rule can prevent multiple concussions. Recently, Professor Dawn Comstock has found that strengthening the neck muscles can reduce the risk for concussions as well.2 This is because stronger neck muscles aid in cushioning and thus lessening the forces that cause concussions. Her research…

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