Concussion Persuasive Speech

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The amount of concussion injuries has grown. People have died or have been really hurt from concussions. People should be fined and suspended for giving someone a concussion. Then from getting raises your concussion chances. then it gives you a bigger chances of getting CTE which is a very dangerous disease. These happen all the time when you see people getting hit in the head hard and people say wow that’s was a good hit. The person that got hit maybe suffering from a concussion which will make people feel confused and unconscious. Sometimes you may not even be knocked unconscious to get a concussion.

How a concussion starts. First, someone must be struck in the head hard, the person's brain then must slide and slam into the front and back
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Then disease cause the brain to break down, then leads to memory loss, depression and dementia. lots of people are affected by this daily.there are some cases where it is diagnosed and they have sleep deprivation. The football players that are tested for a concussion are more likely to get this disease than if they didn’t get hit hard. So hits to the head should be illegal. Why they should be illegal because of one man named Trent Richardson got into a helmet to head hit with a man named kurt coleman had his helmet knocked off then trucked by richardson to get to the endzone to beat the eagles. this one hit had a case where the amount of money richardson had to pay was 765 million dollars for one …show more content…
They might also say that maybe they shouldn't play that position. that's true except it's not because in football you are assigned a position and if they decide to play the game they shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to go home to their kids at night. Most people that get injuries have trouble fighting the disease CTE. This disease cause most of deaths for NFL players that have gotten concussions. This means they might not even go home after a concussion or they might not even wake up. A lot of risks are taken when you get a concussion so the person will wake safe, but that doesn’t always happen sometimes they can’t or something happens to the brain and it doesn't act normal and memory loss is a big factor especially if its long term memory loss. Because then eventually you will forget how to breath and then you have to go on machine called life support. which will cost millions of dollars to put a family member

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