Conclusion Of Teenage Pregnancy

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A study done in 2010 stated about 15% of all teenage pregnancies ended in a tragic miscarriage though a small percentage to some the memory of losing your own child can haunt you forever. For my close friend Tamia Coleman this tragedy is all too real, and really hits home. In the year 2014, at the age of only 18, she became pregnant, carried the baby for 3 months and then had to give birth knowing she will not hear his healthy piercing scream, but instead, watch her son take only one small breath into the word and not another. Tamia Coleman sat slouched down on the couch, she has a dark complexion, long jet black hair, and wearing a basic t-shirt and form fitting blue skinny jeans with black Vans stained from grass and dirt over time. Her …show more content…
When I had asked her what was going through her head and what her feelings were she responded, “everything I was asking myself why me of all girls and nothing the nurses did helped me stay calm.” Folding her hands on her knees she continues “how can any mother be comfortable giving birth to a baby six months premature?” It was clear she knew her baby would not live. Tamia described all the pain she had felt that night delivering her baby she had decided against the epidural so she could experience as much as a natural labor as possible. When born her son had very red skin with his veins showing, his body was lifeless and only a few inches long. In pictures shown to me, her baby boy’s whole body was able to fit in an adult’s hand. I then asked Tamia what she did to feel like she was still a mother and what they did to experience what “normal” parents would. She then told me “we let the hospital take newborn and family pictures of us in the hospital they were free to us.” Tamia also said because she had had a miscarriage they needed to immediately begin planning the funeral and have their son cremated. The only time they were able to hold their son was the few hours after she had just delivered

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