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Nursing concepts summary for the nursing profession
Nursing involves numerous ideas and concepts to the profession. Nurses should recognize the importance of being well versed and rounded in the different concepts such as reflection, ethics, critical thinking, nursing organizations, learning and education. These concepts will allow nurses to provide the best possible care.
Nursing can be a stressful and strenuous job. Nurses at times may feel underappreciated because of the amount of patients they receive with little or no commendation. Reflection allows nurses to receive internal assurance and motivation. Reflection is a great way for nurses to improve care and have an appreciation for their profession. There are three phases in critical reflection
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Nurses continue to gain critical thinking skills, as they become expert nurses. Critical thinking is the “intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing or evaluating information gathered from observation, experience…reasoning or communication as a guide to belief and action.”(Huckaby, p. 36, 2009). In other words, critical thinking is the continuous and active method of analyzing information to direct nurses to assess suitable care for their patients. Incorporating critical thinking with the nursing process allows nurses to adequately propose objectives and goals (Huckabay, 2009). Critically thinking allows a nurse to look beyond the surface of any data or documentation received. Nurses administering medication use critical thinking to help them recognize why a patient is receiving a certain medication. If nurses do not know the purpose of a certain medication, critical thinking will motivate them to look up the medication.
Critical thinking is a quality that I am still acquiring. However, I can see how my critical thinking skills have grown since the beginning of the semester. Critical thinking skills will be important as I continue through nursing school and my nursing career. The mind-mapping project I completed during class gave me an appreciation of the depth of critical thinking. There are many avenues in which I
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It is human tendency to assemble with individuals with similar goals and ideas. In nursing this is evident with over a hundred different national nursing associations (Matthews, 2012).Nursing organizations can be specific to setting-specific nursing, system-specific nursing, period of life, ethnic specific, graduate specific and educational-level- specific. Nurses may not join an organization because they believe the organization is just another bill to pay and are unaware of the advantages joining an

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