Conception To Birth Essay

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Prenatal (Conception to birth):

Conception is the process of fertilisation, in which the male sperm cell combines with female egg to produce a viable embryo. The single celled embryo then replicates, via mitosis, to begin the formation of a multi-celled organism. The cells then undergoes cellular differentiation, through switching different genes on and off, to specialise in a specific function. The average duration of a pregnancy is 37 to 42 weeks, which is split into three distinct trimesters. The first trimester spans the period of 0 to 13 weeks, in which the baby 's biological development occurs. During the first period, the baby 's skeletal and bodily structure begins to form, with nerve cells and synapses showing the origins of the
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The baby begins to develop a network of nerves within their ears, reacting to sound stimuli, such as the mother 's voice. Other vital developments also occur during this trimester include; eye movement, and small ‘practice’ breaths. The third trimester involves weeks 27 to 40 of the pregnancy, and is the last period of the pregnancy before birthing. During this stage, the baby has fully developed taste buds, with most of the organs developed and in place, however the lungs are still growing in size in preparation for birth.

Infancy (Birth to two years):

Normally, the baby ‘turns’ within the womb just prior to birthing, such that the head is facing the cervix. However, I was a ‘breech birth’ with my legs, instead of my head, facing my mother 's cervix. Therefore, my mother underwent a cesarean and gave birth to me two weeks early to eliminate any risks associated with a ‘natural’ birth. I was born at the Womens and Childrens hospital on the eighth of september, 1998, at seven pounds and nine ounces in weight and 49.5 centimeters in height. Between birth to two years old, I was considered to be within Piaget 's Sensorimotor stage. In which I developed the ability to differentiate myself from object, understanding that I
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My ability to access a situation and act appropriately continued to develop, with my understanding of how my behaviour has consequences growing. I began to organise outings within my circle of friends, involving going to the movies and bowling. At this stage of my life, conflicts between friends due to differing opinions, has cause the degradation of multiple friendships. One of the larger achievements at the age of twelve was the development of how to balance both social and school aspects of my lifestyle, involving allocating sufficient time for hobbies and homework. By the age of twelve years old, I had fully developed an in depth understanding of complex emotions, such as greed, bittersweet, and

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