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With all the new the new technologies hitting the market today, it’s hard to keep up. What consumers like to see most is continuous innovations of products where major changes don’t take place and don’t require an abundance of learning, like dynamically continuous innovations. I, Caitlin Gutta, an entrepreneur am bringing a new self-propelled, robotic lawn mower to market. My idea for a new self-propelled lawn mower will not scare consumers away. In our time, living with robots is not a new idea, from past products such as Roomba, a self-propelled vacuum, people are much aware that we are sharing a world with this type of technology. The simplicity of these products makes it so they don’t require any remote controls or commands, which brings …show more content…
It may be that younger generations don’t not have a need for my new self-propelled lawn mower, because let’s face it, they have more energy and don’t have their own places to have a yard to maintain. As I am going through younger generations, and find myself nearing older generations, such as generation x and baby boomers, it’s easy to determine which generation to go with. While it may be that generation x’s are involved in home improvement products they are not quite at the age where they stop doing things on their own. So I then came to a decision that baby boomers, would be a great generation to target. This generation, baby boomers, were born between 1946 and 1964 and are in their 50’s and 60’s. This is an important market for any entrepreneur or company to market to, because baby boomers have the time and money to invest in such a product like my self-propelled lawn mower. Devices such as this will help the people of this generation able to complete a hard working task, and make life more comfortable and …show more content…
Why is my product going to be better than the rest? Well not many of these inventions are on the market, so marketing to the baby boomers with a concentrated strategy should help me stand out to the group I want to position my product around. I really want consumers to be able to see my product in their minds once it comes to market. A conceptual map directed toward a tradition setting will help consumers know my product is family oriented and designed for personal household issues.
All in all, my target market strategy has developed into a well thought out plan. My target marketing strategy will be geared towards a concentrated group of baby boomers who will see the attractiveness of my product. As I bring to market my new self-propelled robotic lawn mower, relating it closely to the Roomba robotic vacuum will show consumers, that this product isn’t dynamically different from the rest. With the ease of use and the baby boomers generations willingness to spend time and energy to stay young, I believe my product will do well on the

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