Essay on Computers Are A Basic Tool

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Computers, which have been around from less than a century, have made a huge impact around the world. However, even if we realize that computers are a basic tool in everyday life, people underestimate the capacity of these computing devices. The first time Google announced that their AlphaGO was going to compete with Go master Lee SeDol Kudan, my comrades and I had a strong faith on Lee. However, as we all know, the result surprised the world. Consequently, I believe we should not only make computers easy to use, but also use them to change the world. Things be considered fantasy now may come true in the near future.

I first heard about computer vision in high school. The US TV drama “Person of Interest”, which flaunted the formidable identification ability of surveillance cameras, opened a new door into another world for me. After I joined ECNU, a top ranked, academically challenging university in China, and majored in computer science, I broadened my horizon by learning about machine learning, data mining, deep learning, human-machine interaction, etc. After joined ECNU --- a top-ranked academically challenging universities in China and majored in computer science, I deeply broaden my horizons, know about machine learning, data mining, deep learning and human-machine interaction etc. All these studies led to my understanding that All of these make me realize new technologies provide concrete evidence that the computer has become pervasive in the world and is dramatically…

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