Computers And The Medical Field Essay

1472 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
This is an age when science and technology have become paramount. Nothing has impacted the loves of human beings more than the computer. There cannot be any field devoid of the effect of computer applications ranging from education, agriculture, and security; computers play crucial roles in all sectors. According to Jerry Silva, the introduction of computers in the medical arena has brought about transformative effects on how medical practices are being conducted an on method of provision of health care, From medical procedures, patient diagnosis and administrative tasks, computers have simplified services in the medical field in addition to streamlining record keeping thus enhancing patient and healthcare staff relationships. Whatever service in the medical field people enjoy today could not be achieved without the priceless contribution of computers. Computers have contributed to the medical field by helping in administrative purposes, maintaining medical records, assisting in patient diagnosis and treatments while at the same time risking patient privacy and increasing the cost of health care to people. Firstly, computers are used for administrative purposes, including transactions such as making claims to health insurance companies, processing payments made by patients and maintaining the records of staff. In the United States, medical payments can be wired directly to hospital ban accounts with the aid of computers. Also, electronic filing of patient’s transaction…

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