Computer Technology Vs Technology

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Technology has become a big part of today 's society. Whether we are at our house, at work, outside, or even in the middle of nowhere, we are constantly connected to the outside world. One of the biggest contributions to this is the computer. Computers are becoming such a popular item that almost every household has at least one. However, while most people can use their computer efficiently and effectively, they don’t fully understand all that there is to know about it. One of the biggest things is actually how it works, the physical hardware that makes up the computer. If you ask someone you know that has a computer how they purchased theirs, they will most likely tell you that they bought it all in one, as a stock build. While this may be …show more content…
Today, most people try to save money in anyway they can, and that 's exactly why this is perfect. By buying the individual pieces, you are cutting out the middle man and not having some other company charge you for doing something that you can easily do yourself. Hundreds of comparisons have been done of computers that were pre-built and computers that were custom built with similar hardware, and results have shown that you can save hundreds of dollars just by getting individual parts while they are on sale from different locations. And the same applies if you are looking at it from a different angle. If you have a budget of say $600, you will end up with a much stronger computer if you were to build it than if you were to buy it …show more content…
When you have a custom built computer, you get to choose the hardware that is put into it. This means that if you know what you will be using it for, you can tailor your money around those specific parts. Along with customizability, you also get the option to expand later on down the road. With most computers, especially Macs for example, if a piece of hardware becomes outdated you would be stuck to buying a whole new computer. But with custom builds, you can just swap out the old piece for the new one. It really is as simple as

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