Computer Security And Cyber Security Essay

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Computer security also known as cyber security or information technology security is a extremely concerned topic in 21st century in every country and domain with increasing frequent data threats and information leakage. According to 2012 cyber attacks statistics [1] , every month, more than 70 attacks without unknown threats occurred all of the world in 2012 and in June that year, the record exceeded 120. For example, a significant hacking issue reported by BBC News online was that in 2007, American company TJX lost 45.7 million customers credit card details and those people faced with fraudulent threats for a long time [2]. However, computer security issue is more or less ignored and incomplete actions are taken [3]. In this essay, it will describe issues in computer security in 21st century. This description is divided into three main parts. The first part talks about security threats happened in this century including attacks in government, damages in business and effects on individuals. Then, second section discusses the aims of hacking. And finally, last segment illustrates victims counterattack computer security policies and acts. All this content appeals for a safety Internet circumstance.

Based on news and statistics, computer attacks occur in different aspects of our society and cause extremely losses. For different areas, government is influenced most from hacking. The US president Obama claimed computer security as first and most important thing for government…

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