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Modern Day Tricksters Presentation Notes:

Bugs Bunny The modern day trickster verses The Coyote in the mythical day trickster

Since as far back as time was recorded there have been tales of people and mythological creatures playing "tricks" on others. Today many of these tricksters are seen as characters in cartoons and movies. Some of the most famous are Bugs Bunny, The Mask, Ace Ventura, Wile E. Coyote, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Bugs Bunny is the most famous of all tricksters still in popularity today. Almost all of his stories he is being chased by the notorious Elmer Fudd. Instead of Bugs always running from his pursuer, he likes to play tricks on him to keep himself from getting caught. Bugs Bunny is very
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Bugs Bunny is bold, quick-witted and intelligent. He can improvise or talk his way out of any complicated situation. If Bugs Bunny can not get his way at first, Bugs Bunny uses his slogan “of course you know this means war.” There is no questioning that Bugs is going to win against anyone. He can out smart any of his opponents. Bugs Bunny is a deceiver and he uses his wit and cleverness for his own personal gain. Bugs Bunny applies his creativity to outsmart his enemies. Bugs Bunny can change any situation himself by pulling already fused and lit dynamite sticks out of the air. He always works mischief and outsmarts other characters such as Tasmanian devil and Elmer Fudd. As a shape shifter against the hunter, Elmer Fudd, Bugs cross-dresses to get himself out of bad situations. In one episode, Bugs disguises himself as a woman so that he can escape from Elmer Fudd’s demise.
The Coyote: in the mythical day trickster

Conclusion Contemporarily, the trickster persona, as it is perceived and created within both our media and develops culturally within our 'real lives', retains its traditional qualities, but also seems to have taken on almost a happy martyr, sin-eater type of tone, as the trickster becomes an outlet of expression by proxy with permission (although this may be veiled or superficially

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