Biotechnology In Animal Farming

J This also leads to machinery on farms being timesavers. The invention of tractors and other machinery made it possible to work more land in a shorter amount of time. This is very evident as one drives by a large field. It doesn’t take long to realize that doing the work of harvesting the wheat on foot takes substantially more time than using a combine to do the work. Another example is it is estimated that a four team horse hooked up to a plow would take at least 55 hours to plow a forty acre field. A tractor with a 25 foot disc attached could plow this same field in about an hour. (“Comparing Agriculture" 1) All this being said about machinery replacing people and being timesavers leads to machinery increasing production. …show more content…
There are several areas that advanced quickly. One of these is in the area of reproduction. Now things such as artificial insemination, embryo transfers, in-vitro fertilization, and cloning and determining the sex of embryos has been developed for livestock such as cattle. Artificial insemination(AI) is one of the widest used GE practices used all over the world. Through AI, a single bull can inseminate thousands of cows a year. A top bull in one area of the world can impregnate cows all over the world, improving the genetics in cattle all over the world. ("Biotechnology Options for Improving Livestock Production” …show more content…
GE usage can produce higher yields of a crop. Things like improving the amount of flowering and photosynthesis can increase the amount of a crop that is produced.("Biotechnology: The Impact on Food” 3) Thanks to GE plants, weed and insect control has been made easier and farmers have suffered fewer losses from insect damage. Farmers have also seen a reduction in production costs. These benefits to the farmer all tend to benefit the consumer because more supply of a product could mean lower food prices.("News and Analysis on Genetic Engineering, but the Technology Needs Proper Management” 2) GE foods can be altered to have better taste, flavor and nutrition, With a longer shelf life and higher yields, feeding the growing world is easier to obtain.
Farmers using GE are also experiencing considerable environmental benefits too. One of the greatest benefits is water quality. Thanks to GE crops, farmers use fewer insecticides and herbicides and that is good for the soil and waterways. With herbicide-resistant crops, farmers have to till the land less often and this improves soil quality and reduces erosion. ("News and Analysis on Genetic Engineering, but the Technology Needs Proper Management” 2)If farmers don’t have to till as much then they don’t have to use their tractors as much. This means less pollution from the exhaust of their farm

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