Complex Interaction Between Socioeconomic Status And Hiv Essay examples

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6. Discussion
The results from this review highlight the complex interaction between socioeconomic status and HIV. All the different were universal in showing a significant association between low SES and HIV. Due to the fact that socioeconomic status encompasses a vast range of factors, it impacts HIV directly and indirectly, affecting transmission of the disease, management, drug adherence and overall quality of life of HIV positive individuals.
A common trend in the articles was the association between lack of socioeconomic resources and high risk behaviours. Low SES is linked to less frequent use of condoms, early initiation of sexual intercourse (coitarche), multiple sexual partners due to trading sex for financial gains. Livak et al indicated that low income heterosexual women who engaged in anal intercourse were more likely to have unprotected sex, more than 3 sexual partners in 12 months and initiated sexual intercourse before the age of 15 increasing their risk of HIV/AIDS significantly (16).
Low socioeconomic status is a major social determinant of health as it can act as a barrier to good health as well as be a driver of negative health outcomes. Since income, educational attainment and occupation determine one’s SES, people at the end of the social strata tend to have lower literacy levels compared to those at the other end of the scale. This deters them from successfully entering the workforce or having to take jobs that require little or no skills and are…

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