What Are Apple's Competitive Advantages

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Report presents competitive advantages of Apple since Steve Jobs was back to the company. We believe that Apple has several competitive advantages including sustainable competitive advantages. Basing on value chain report presents list of company’s advantages in every department. Our analysis show that the most important advantages of Apple are vertical integration of company from design to purchasing that leads to high quality, superior design that creates products that meet excellently customer needs and great marketing that creates community and lifestyle around the product.

Technology and manufacturing in Apple as a competitive advantage (Jan Prokop)
Since 1996 when Apple took over NeXT and recaptured Steve Jobs new era
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These characteristics made all of these products a great commercial success. To begin with Apple’s products were always elegant and had good design. These products were also very easy to use, which made them different from products of other hardware and software producers. The third important trait is high quality. Apple products are very well known for their high quality. Another important trait of the products was limited market share. Every new product was created to a special group of customers and because of that fact, it was very attractive for them. Apple products are also expensive. All Apple products have these …show more content…
They emphasize other traits of hardware products like technical abilities and efficiency. Furthermore product designers do not have such a high position in the company like in Apple. Apple’s product development
Apple as a company created its own product development process that lets the company achieve its goals. When new product is decided, a team is organized and separated from the company using secrecy agreements and other barriers. Team works for example in separated part of the building and is only responsible to the executive team. This creates as start up inside Apple which is free and away from bureaucracy of the big company.
When the product design begins ANPP (Apple New Product Process) is put into action. This is not originally Apple’s idea but this document maps out stages of product creation, who is responsible for each part of product development and who will work on each stage and they will be finished.
All products that are prepared in Apple are reviewed every Monday. This is only possible, because company offers so few products. Thanks to this fact ET (executive team) knows everything about what company is producing and is close to design, production and marketing of the new

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