Oppression Conflict Strategies

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productive when allowed to work alone, are uncomfortable around people, and tend to avoid conflict with others. People with dominant communication style are seen as authoritarian and demanding. They motivate others through criticism, and they handle conflict by force. They make most of decisions by themselves.
Another communication problem that happens between Gordon and Gil is that Gil uses a competition / suppression conflict strategy during his meeting with Gordon. According to the article by Eckstat, “A suppression conflict strategy is based on the view that conflict ‘must be brought under control before it becomes unmanageable” (Eckstat, 2002, p. 10). It is mostly used when a party needs an immediate decision, expects and appreciates
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An active listener follows a few steps that are outlined by the textbook, “Communicating for Results 10th Edition:” by Cheryl Hamilton, “Receives the speaker’s total message – verbal, visual, and nonverbal, interprets the speaker’s meaning as closely as possible, checks the interpreted meaning for accuracy by rephrasing it for the speaker, repeats steps 1 through 3 until the speaker is satisfied with the interpretation.” In addition to that, Gil is not open-minded about Gordon’s point of view and his thoughts. Being open-minded is the willingness to listen to others and take in their information as extra knowledge. Gil just talks and yells without trying to reason and/or trying to listen to Gordon’s side and …show more content…
This can be achieved by practicing active listening and by becoming more open-minded. In “Communication Skills for Managers”, by Janis Fish Chan, the author states that in order to become a great communicator you have to be able to listen, “real communication happens when you not only hear but understand a speaker’s message” (13). It suggests that Gil should try to understand what the other person is trying to say. She also lists of items that makes a bad communicator; distrust, lack of interest, impatience, and assumptions. In order for Gill to correct his lack of communication skills, he will have to overcome those main components that are holding him back from becoming a great

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