: Competency Differences, Asn vs. Bsn Nurses Essay

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Competency Differences, ASN vs. BSN Nurses
By, Genethia Guerrero
Grand Canyon University:
NRS-430V Professional Dynamics (0102)
Kimberly Stout
March 6, 2011

Competency Differences, ASN vs. BSN Nurses A nurse is a healthcare professional, who in collaboration with other members of a health care team is responsible for the treatment, safety, and recovery of acutely or chronically ill individuals. Nurses are also accountable for the health promotion and maintenance of families, communities, populations, and the treatment of life-threatening emergencies in a wide range of health care settings. Nurses perform a range of clinical and non-clinical functions
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The Baccalaureate nurse has increased knowledge surrounding professional issues such as research leadership, management skills, transcultural, and public health. Baccalaureate nurse’s have an increased opportunity to advance in administration, supervisory, and leadership positions. After completing the four year program and successfully completing the NCLEX exam, graduates with a BSN can choose from direct patient care, teaching, administration, research, case management, marketing positions in a hospital, community, educational, military, government, industrial, and expanded practice settings. A Baccalaureate nurse practices in a diverse setting, versus a more controlled setting as an Associates nurse. Being currently employed by a well-known hospital in west Phoenix, AZ increases the personal exposure to BSN’s, other ADN’s, and further important personnel that makes up the hospitals team of healthcare professionals. The hospital is a 32 bed emergency department with two major treatment rooms. On average, the department treats 270-300 patients per day. Included in the team of healthcare professionals are two CM’s (clinical managers), on each shift, who each have BSN degrees. The CM’s accountabilities range from completing the assignment sheet, to rounding, bed counts, huddle, call offs, answering general questions, addressing complaints, answering of the patch phone, and

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