Compassion And Ruthlessness In Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

The Power of compassion and ruthlessness
Power is something many people try to obtain, whether it be an election or competition some people want to be in control. Power can be obtained by using by using compassion, ruthlessness, and manipulation. In Ender’s Game By Orson Scott Card the story is about children getting put into training camps to fight in the war, as they are awaiting the third invasion from “The Buggers”. There is boy named Ender, who is a mixture between his compassionate sister Valentine and his heartless brother Peter, although they have their strengths and weaknesses Ender is the best mix of both making him a good fighter for the 3rd invasion against the buggers.
Valentine compassion towards his brother is the reason
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"Just press and press until you're dead. And I could say that I didn't know it would hurt you, that we were just playing, and they'd believe me, and everything would be fine. And you'd be dead. Everything would be fine." (pg.9) Peter is ruthless enough to kill his own brother and say it was just an accident, he shows no compassion towards anyone. Peter’s anger gives him power, he threatens Ender by saying he's going to kill him, Peter uses fear to control others. “It says, I didn't die a natural death. Peter killed me, and if he hasn't already killed Andrew, he will soon”. (Pg.10) Peter is ruthless enough to strike fear to ender by saying that in the future ender will already be dead because of peter. Peter can control people using fear and they will feel demoralized after Peter scars …show more content…
"I didn't want to hurt him!" Ender cried. "Why didn't he just leave me alone!" (pg.163) Ender is aware that hurting is not good thanks to valentine's compassion he can hold back and not go overboard like his brother. Peter’s ruthlessness allowed Ender to defend himself instead of just getting pushed around. "Funny, isn't it? That Peter would save millions of lives." "While I killed billions." (pg.240) During the war/ simulation Ender had Peter’s anger and ruthless allowing him to defeat the buggers and end their race. Either way Ender felt terrible about killing all those Buggers which helps him stay sane. "That's where you're mistaken. He's even sweeter. But don't worry. We'll purge that in a hurry."(pg.22.) Graff thought that Enders compassion would be a problem, they thought it would make him too soft. Later on Graff realized that valentine’s compassion was necessary to keep ender calm and

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