Comparison and Contrast Between Desktop & Laptop Essay

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COMPARISON AND CONTRAST BETWEEN LAPTOP AND DESKTOP PC Nowadays, laptop and desktop PC is very important and needed in our daily life. Laptop (also known as notebook) is a personal computer designed for mobile use. A laptop includes most of the typical components of a typical desktop computer, including a display, a keyboard, a touchpad as well as a battery, into a single small and light unit. A desktop computer is a personal computer (PC) in a form intended for regular use at a single location, as opposed to a laptop or portable computer. Desktop computers come in a variety of styles ranging from large vertical computer case (also known as the computer chassis, cabinet, tower, box, enclosure, housing or simply case) is the enclosure
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It is because using the laptop is no needing take up place. Laptop is smaller than desktop PC. This is beneficial when space is at a premium, for example in small apartments and student dorms. When not in use, a laptop can be closed and put away. Laptop is portable device. Portability means that a laptop can be used in many places, not only at home and at the office, but also during commuting and flights, in coffee shops, in lecture halls and libraries, at clients' location or at a

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