Comparison Of Woody Guthrie And John Steinbeck's Grammar

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The two areas I felt confidently on were my comparisons of Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck and my grammar. The reasons Guthrie and Steinbeck were similar were solid and cohesive. It was a different topic than any of the examples and I wanted to present an idea that was not hackneyed. There was an abundance of material that proved their similarities that I could explain. My grammar was also accurate and I feel it made the essay polished. It also gives off the impression that I take serious thought, time, and effort in writing.

However, I believe there are plenty of things I could improve. While writing, I thought I had solid examples but I didn't know or expect how to develop these explanations until I received feedback. Reading through it again, I realize I did generalize. In sentences like “But after the death of Casy, workers are once again taken advantage of by the ranch owner.”, I need to show and paraphrase instead of tell. This is a concept I can not grasp yet, but I know that I need to use smaller sections
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I do not know how to bridge gaps and I completely switch to another point. I examined my third body topic sentence and how it is unrecognizable to the thesis. I state how art brings people together and how that is why Guthrie and Steinbeck used it, but the correlating statement in the thesis was how they stood for friendship and fellowship of Americans. In my mind, I thought it meant the same thing because I think in broad concepts and connections, but I now realize that I wrote a poor topic sentence that is too abstract. I would appreciate input on how to form a topic sentence because I either forgot how or never learned. Also, as stated before, I would like to learn how to paraphrase but not generalize or summarize. Every single paragraph there was a note related to the topic, so I know it is something I need to improve upon, but I have not the slightest notion on what I can do to correct my

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