Comparison Of The Hero In Mordred: A Tragedy?

Original texts, like from Geoffrey of Monmouth, who wrote Arthur from the Vita Merlini, lack the depth that modern texts emphasize. In order to tell such stories that are much longer, adaptations of Arthurian Legends must be creative in how they add and cut material to tell a story and maintain a theme. Arthurian Legend adaptations telling Mordred’s journey in Modern times tend to deviate from original texts to emphasize the his tragedy.
Both modern texts examine the character's minds unlike original texts to emphasize Mordred’s tragedy as well. Each modern adaptation uses monologues and thoughts to show the hurt and pain in Mordred’s mind. As Mordred yells, “What? disinherit me?Rob me and slay me? Nay, thou canst not do it!Thou canst not
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In Mordred: A Tragedy, one major plot change is the final battle’s beginnings, the battle of Camlann. In this battle, Mordred and Arthur settle their disputes and pains with the two about to share a drink, when a soldier on Mordred’s side steps on a snake and is bitten. This soldier then draws his weapon and begins the chaos that starts the battle. That unfortunate tragedy is what makes Mordred’s life that much more tragic, as it almost began to have a happy ending with a resolution with his father (Newbolt). Another plot point that many adaptations leave out compared to the original legend recordings, is the events that come after the battle. In Arthur from the Vita Merlini, the tale ends with the power transferring to a Arthur’s relative, that takes away focus from the battle. Other passages keep this in to maintain focus on the sad events that kill the Mordred and Arthur so that nothing can dilute the emotional conclusion. The Wicked Day takes a stance on Mordred’s origins that provides innovens and relatability through his character while Morgause raised him(Stewart). That fear is shown when he overhears Morgause talking about potential doom to Mordred by Arthur’s calls. Mordred tries to hide many times before he finally confronts the King, but all the while showing that he isn’t some fearless demon. Furthermore, modern texts alter timelines and characters to provide a bigger

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