Differences And Similarities Between The Characters In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

Juliet and Ophelia, two teenage lovers, two different time periods, but also two women who ultimately wanted the same thing. The fight, or lack thereof presented by both women shows the true differences and similarities in the characters. Although Ophelia and Juliet handles their fathers in different manners, there are other similarities shared by the two characters. The obstacles in which they go through for their loves, then ultimately killing themselves for their loves. Both characters have obstacles they had to go through for their love. One obstacle the two characters have in common is family. Right away in the prologue of Romeo and Juliet, the hatred amongst the two families is announced by the Chorus:
Two households, both alike in dignity, / In fair Verona,
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She obeys her father so much, that she deceives Hamlet. She lets her father convince her to talk to Hamlet and he will listen. While in conversation with Hamlet he ask, “Where’s your father?” (3.1.132). She immediately lies, “At home, my lord” (3.1.133). She even tells her father of all Hamlet’s madness, that Ophelia and Polonius both end up telling the King. Ophelia is so intuned with her dad, once he is dead she becomes mad with grief, but she was holding it all in. “We must be patient: but cannot choose but / weep, to think they should lay him i’ the cold ground” (4.5.69-70).
Ultimately both female characters make the same decision in killing themselves for their loves. Juliet even fakes her death for her love. And once Romeo hears of this, he kills himself. Upon awaking her temporary sleep, Juliet learns of Romeo’s death and uses his dagger to kill herself. Laertes, Ophelia 's brother tells us of her death, “A sister driven into desperate terms” (4.7.28). Juliet honors her vows, to death do we part, but in death together will they last an eternity. Ophelia could not handle the pressure and in that is the cause of her

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