Comparison Of Social Reconstruction And Progressivism

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Two teaching philosophies with which I professionally identify with are Social Reconstruction and Progressivism. Both of these philosophies are a lot alike and they are both student-centered philosophies which is what I look for in my future classroom. In Progressivism the role of the instructor is to encourage students and engage students by making them excited to learn. A big part of progressivism is that the instructor focuses on the whole child. I like this aspect because it is important to educate the whole child and to also teach them how to be a good person. The role of the students in progressivism is to help design curriculum, think through possibilities, form questions and evaluate their own success plus the teachers. I believe evaluating …show more content…
The learning environment in this philosophy is student centred learning which means it includes the student 's opinion in many aspects of the classroom. In order to do this teachers must learn to let their students have a say too. I feel that this could be a challenge because it 's hard to give your students some leadership when you 're in charge but I agree with it because it gives teachers feedback and their students feel respected. Instruction techniques in this philosophy include using technology, letting students talk freely, involving students in evaluations, and offering choices in the classroom. These reasons are some of the main reasons why I like this philosophy. I agree with all the instruction techniques because I feel that they would fit my teaching style well. Students need to be involved in my classroom because I want to create a strong classroom atmosphere. Social reconstruction is the other teaching philosophy that I professionally identified myself with. The role of the teacher in this philosophy is similar to …show more content…
The only aspect of autocratic I will use is demanding cooperation because I want all of my students to be involved. Having a democratic classroom means being a leader who has patience and discusses problems. One of my strengths is patience which is another reason why I feel this style fits me well. I believe having a democratic classroom will establish a comfortable setting for my future children as well as earn their respect. My classroom will be a student-centred classroom. It 's going to focus on giving students a voice. There are also many benefits to a student-centred classroom. The teacher is more approachable and that helps students learn better communication skills. There is two classroom theories that I will include in my classroom. The first one is Judicious Discipline which is a democratic approach. In Judicious Discipline students learn what their rights are and they have freedom, justice, and equality. I want my students to have the right to know that they have a say and if they are too young to understand all of their rights I believe their parents should know. Sending a letter home the first day or trying to explain to the children with ways they understand is how I will make sure they know. Another aspect of this theory that I plan to use as a reference is “Health and Safety” when it talks about these two aspects it emphasis how bullying and harassment should not be tolerated. I agree that it shouldn’t be tolerated because it

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