Comparison Between Medieval Battles And Football Games Essay

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In modern society, Americans are hungry for violence. This hunger is quenched through various outlets, such as action-packed movies or books. But in ancient times, this trend also existed, as watching violent events was a social gathering. In Rome during the era of empire, thousands of people commonly gathered into the Roman Colosseum to watch these events. One of the events, gladiator fights, occurred in the Colosseum where tons of bloodthirsty citizens cheered for the brutal killings of the fighters ("Gladiators, Chariots, and the Roman Games"). Violent forms of entertainment were all too common in the olden times. And while it may seem like a part of the distant past, this form of enterntainment has been changed into a new physically devastating although less fatal form which is watched once a week in our society. American Football. Comparison between medieval fights and football games, an obsession in the community in which we live, claims much more merit than most would ever imagine. In Rome 50 thousand adults filled a large stadium to watch fatal battles; in America 50 thousand people (or even more) fill a massive stadium to watch grown men viscously tackle each other, with the purpose of putting the opposing player on the ground. Americans scream at those being tackled solely because they play on the opposite team; medieval men screamed at those being killed only because they were unfortunate enough to be thrown into the battle. The key difference between…

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