Democracy And Republican Framework Analysis

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Democracy and Republican Framework of the United States
Democratic ways of ruling a land concerns two parties – the majority and the minority. Under this set up, the minorities have no guarantee or protection upon the unlimited powers that the majorities enjoy. Democracy and republic are two different concepts of government where one rests the power on certain people, while the other one rests the power on the people themselves. These two forms are not only poles apart from each other but also contradicting theories. The United States of America is no different from that mindset since the country has a strong sense of democracy and republic at the same time. In a democracy, the powers of the majorities are absolute and unlimited. At times,
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The 1788 constitution provides the land of what branches of government should be present. Namely, these are legislative, executive and the judiciary. The United States of America has all branches present in countrywide level, as well as per state or aptly called federal (Arnold 3). The legislative branch has two components, namely, the congress and the senate. Each new law proposed must be agreed upon on both levels first before it is signed by the president as a new …show more content…
In the first one, politicians running for a position in the government would find it convenient to join parties in order to advance his motives. This is also handy since he could garner votes if he has alliances. From here, an issue can be noted that the voters might have a singular attention on that candidate alone since he/she was able to bring together his/her connections. The next one concerns the challenges that both the voters and politicians face when choosing who to vote for because there are many alternatives (Kitschelt 847). With everything taken into consideration, it can be concluded that the United States, by definition, is a federal republic nation for it is composed of a handful of states operating with the three branches of the government present in its pillars. However, due to how mandates are being run, it may seem that the land has been adept to adopting the democratic mindset where the power of all powers rests on the president. Politicians have their way of linking their individual powers to gain more allies which makes the powers of the land even more congested to the selected

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