Comparing Victimology And Criminology Theory That Best Fit Simpson Case

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My paper will talk about victims ' rights, stalking laws, intimate partner violence laws, awareness, and education on how to deal with this type of situation. I will also talk about the laws, as well as procedures that deal with the victim 's rights as well as their protection. I will talk about the O.J Simpson case and what can be similar to this one. I will be comparing victimology and criminology theory that best fit the O.J Simpson case. I will research lethality and danger assessments that law enforcement centers use. I will talk about what the assessments are used for. I will give my reason for thinking the way that I do. I will begin my paper by talking about the O.J Simpson trial. This trial was the biggest ever in 1995. The people that got murdered was Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. The tragic situation happened on a Sunday after 10 o ' clock on June 12th of 1994. Nicole lived in a condo on Bundy Drive in Brentwood. It 's said that their was a male that came in the back of Nicole 's condo and let themselves in her house. Nicole was killed by someone that had rage in them cause her head was almost cut off her body. Ronald Goldman was stabbed about thirty times. Ronald and Nicole had known each other for well over twenty-five years. Ronald…

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