Comparing Two Information Texts Based On Attractions Essay example

1936 Words Nov 14th, 2014 8 Pages
Within this essay I will be comparing two information texts based on attractions. One of these attractions is presented as a webpage; Edinburgh Zoo. It is clear that it is a webpage as it has a navigation bar on the left, which has several links that take you to different pages. This enables the audience to find what they want very quickly, at the click of a button. This also allows the audience to interact with the webpage. On the other hand the Light Water Valley attraction is presented on a leaflet; it is evident that it is a leaflet as you can fold it. It’s also clear it is a leaflet and not a webpage as on the leaflet it says, “See webpage for details.” The imperative ‘see’ is used to get the audience to interact and get involved to find information. The leaflet also uses subheadings such as ‘epic teachers run awesome reward trips’ in order to organise the information so it is easier for the audience to find what they want. This subheading clearly takes teachers into consideration; they use the adjective ‘epic’ which suggests the best teachers will book this trip. They also use the adjective ‘awesome’. This conveys they are trying to persuade teachers by using language they are familiar with. Language their students and teenagers commonly use. By doing this it suggests that Light Water Valley can relate to the teenagers and teachers which is all the more reason they should come. Another way they try to persuade teachers, is by using jargon or technical school terms…

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