Animal Cruelty Research Paper

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McKenzie Roberts
Mrs. White
12B English Research Paper First Draft
3 November 2017
The Rights or the Wrongs “The world us a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing,” Albert Einstein. Animal cruelty is defined by purposely causing harm to an animal. Entertainment and sports like horse racing, dogfighting and circuses are considered to be animal cruelty by Animal Rights activists. Others believe if an animal is treated humanely, it is not animal cruelty. This paper will examine viewpoint one, two and my viewpoint on, the use of animals for entertainment or gaming constitute animal cruelty. To begin with, viewpoint one, believe these activities cause animals to suffer. For starters,
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To begin, captivating that it is important to learn about animals. Firstly, up rise on the loss of a Palm Beach Zoo Keeper Stacy Konwiser, who in which was killed by a Malayan tiger. For example, Jorge Milian, writer for Palm Beach Post, shares a quote from Jack Hanna, a part-time Jupiter resident and one of the world’s best known animal experts, “We lost a human being, and that is a terrible thing to happen. We’re saving animals’ lives every single day by the thousands. That’s really what we’re doing” (Milian). Thus, this point proves that there was a loss, but they are trying to save the animals. Secondly, the responsibility that zoos have. For instance, Jorge Milian, reports that Jack Hanna says “The primary responsibility zoos have is educating the approximately 175 million people who visit annually. According to an Association of Zoon and Aquariums 61 percent of visitors were able to explain what they learned seven to 11 months after the visit. 35 percent were still with their own belief. Therefore, this confirms that they are telling others how important it is to protect animals. Thirdly, Jack Hanna explains that zoos are vital for saving the lives of certain species. To illustrate, Jorge Milian tells the readers that Jack Hanna concludes “Animals were mistreated decades ago is undeniable, but the zoo is completely different today. This information shows that, the zoos were once mistreating animals, but now they are vital in saving animals’ lives. For all these reasons, animals are doing what they were born to do and do not

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