Comparing The Way Of Worship Essay

839 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
There are a lot of similarities and differences in the way Christians worship. Worship is something that can be done in numerous ways, but the overall purpose remains the same. Many have differing opinions on how to worship depending on their preference. Some of the ways Christians worship include using visual art, music, and theatre. Each way of worshipping has its own unique qualities, but there are many comparisons between the worshipping styles. Although each way of worshipping has different tactics, visual arts, music, and theatre all enhance the quality of worship in multiple ways. Each style of worshipping is used to communicate messages of the bible and share the gospel. Many use these different forms of worship to praise God in a way that draws them closer to the Lord. For me, I choose to primarily worship through music, but I enjoy looking at the beautiful visual art displayed in churches, as well as attending theatrical performances based on stories of the bible. Even though each style of worshipping is distinct, many connections can be made with the different styles. Some similarities between the ways of worship can be seen when discussing the religious spaces that worshippers use. Each religious space caters to multiple styles of worship. Music and theatre each use different structures that are built into the churches to give a more natural flow and an easier worshipping experience. Examples include the lofts for choruses and the designated areas that…

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