Essay on Comparing The Prewar Scarlett And The Postwar Scarlett

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It is extremely rare for someone to just write one book and be famous and important in the literary world. The author Mitchell Margret of Gone with the Wind did it, However. Since 1936, this book had been published, it has been translated into 29 different kinds of languages, and remains the most popular novel until today and has great impact on people. ( )

This story contains many aspects of life: about attitudes, choices, relationship between people, and so on.

The contrast between the prewar Scarlett and the postwar Scarlett shows that one should love life and cherish hope .In addition, women should be creative, optimistic, strong, independent and brave. The love story shows that one should balance sense and sensibility, and trust is necessary between couples.

In this article, I will talk about what enlightment I have got from Gone with the Wind.

Life enlightment from Gone with the Wind


Gone with the Wind is the works of an American writer Mitchell Margret. It is on the background of Atlanta and a plantation nearby. Through the mainline of the love between Scarlett and Rhett, it reappeared the life of southern America during American Civil War.

It has been translated into 29 different kinds of languages. And since its publication, it has broken the publishing record and reached 30 million. ( Although there are still controversy

about whether it deserves…

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