Comparing The Gluten-Free And Paleo Diet

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Embarking on Gluten-Free and Paleo diets may appear frightening, but with the right information they can result in healthier lifestyles. While The Gluten-Free Diet focuses on avoiding Gluten, The Paleo Diet focuses on eliminating grains, sugars, legumes, processed sugars, seed/vegetable oils, and dairy (Hendon).
The Gluten-Free Diet allows consumption of meat/grains/carbs/fats, simply no gluten. Gluten is a protein that can be found in “wheat, barley, rye and the derivatives of these grains, including malt and brewer’s yeast” (“The Gluten Free Diet”). There is no explicit ratio of what needs to be eaten on this diet; abstaining from all gluten is the only guideline.
People choose Gluten-Free Lifestyles for many reasons including: Intolerance,
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The diet allows for: meats, fish and seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, tubers, nuts and seeds, healthy fats and oils, and salt and spices. Dairy, Grains, and trans fats are not allowed in The Paleo World (Gunnars). Preferably, a Paleo Diet is high in fat, moderate in animal protein, and low in carbohydrates (“Paleo Diet 101”). The Paleo and Gluten-Free diets are similar in that they seek to reduce inflammation and cut out gluten. Both of these diets can influence weight loss as a result of eliminating gluten/grains (Hendon). The purpose of these diets is healthier living and improved quality of life. Cutting out gluten in The Gluten-Free Diet and eating simply in The Paleo Diet aims to improve body function and lessen inflammation. Despite the similarities, these diets have a plethora of aspects differentiating one from the other. While the Gluten-Free Diet eliminates gluten, the Paleo Diet eliminates much more striving for simpler foods. The Paleo Diet is considered a lifestyle more so that The Gluten-Free Diet (Hendon). In the Paleo Diet, aspects like stress relief and added sleep are considered as

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