Comparing The Electoral And Electoral College Essay example

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For hundreds of years, we have used the electoral vote rather than the popular vote when we have had to select a president and vice president. In this essay, we will be examining the structure and function of the Electoral College, comparing the Electoral College to the popular vote and assessing the value of the individual citizen’s vote under the Electoral College system.
The Electoral College was created in 1787. The reason, the Electoral College was created, was to give the power of electing a president to the states and not to the people themselves. “The men who drafted the Constitution debated several formats for electing the president and vice president -- having Congress vote, having the state legislatures choose, using a direct popular vote -- before deciding on the Electoral College format.”(CNN, 2004) “The delegates of the constitutional convention feared that the popular election would make the office too powerful and developed an electoral vote system.” (Patterson, 2013) It was then decided that the president would be chosen by electors who were selected by each state. These electors were members of the Congress from the House and Senate. Andrew Jackson did try to change the Electoral College from being used in 1828 but was unsuccessful.
In the Electoral College the functions of the members are to meet and then vote for the president and vice-president. There are 538 member associated with the Electoral College. The president is elected by receiving a majority…

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