Comparing Groucho Marx Once Quipped ' Those Are My Principles, And If You Don 't Like Them Well

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Groucho Marx once quipped ‘Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others’. The same might have been said by Sadiq Khan or Zac Goldsmith.

So far, the contest for London Mayor has been a master class in dirty democratic politics, where both main candidates have tried to out-do each other in shedding whatever principles they had – despite each claiming to represent integrity and independence.

It would be astounding to find any Muslim still clinging to hopes of change coming through the ballot box.

Sadiq Khan built his reputation on heading Liberty, and for his work as a lawyer on the cases of Muslims arrested under anti-terror laws. But the former civil rights lawyer betrayed any liberal principles he might have once espoused to vote repeatedly for anti-terror laws that enabled spying on millions – and even once led on pushing through 42-days detention without trial.

In order to establish his secular credentials he has distanced himself from the Muslim community in a variety of ways. In the past he’s made statements that give a signal that he is anti-Shari’ah, and more recently statements that question why women wear hijab. The Guardian reported that Khan backed same-sex marriage, and that he launched his local general election campaign from a Tooting pub. He’s even been profiled in the Jewish Chronicle as opposing boycotts of Israel but supportive of continued business links between London and Tel Aviv.

Khan has mastered the art of giving…

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