Essay on Comparing Brave New World and Blade Runner

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Human relationships, and humanity's understanding of the wild, are shaped and reflected in Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott, and in Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) through their composers' use of the contrast between true nature and the wild. The human relationship with the wild is tenuous, and this is shown within both texts. More often than not, nature is understood simply as a force to be dominated, controlled or exploited for the benefit of humanity. The new wild is one created by human society however, although developed and sustained by the characters, the wild seems to control and manipulate humanity, rather than the reverse. In Blade Runner and in Brave New World, the nature of happiness and freedom is one of the most recurrent …show more content…
Understanding the context in which these texts were composed helps to give the responder insight into the issues raised within the text, and how these reflect understanding of humanity and nature.

The nature of happiness and freedom is a theme seen in Brave New World, in the loss of identity for the stability of society; which becomes a loss of identity for happiness. This is done through the use of the dystopic fiction, the style of the novel, and its structure; but also through the use of characterisation. The concept that happiness requires the loss of self identity is one challenged by Brave New World, in particular; this also addresses the contextual concept of communism in society. Within the text, stability of society is all powerful;

.".. When the individual feels, the community reels..."

Conditioning and Soma are used by the general population to prevent realisation of the loss of identity; they are kept emotionally immature, with a shallow and unfulfilling form of happiness left to satisfy them. Huxley is showing the fundamental flaws in the search for utopia; it is an unachievable aim; which ultimately results in the destruction of individuality and humanity. The dystopic impression of futility upon the respondent is created here, as it also is in Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is founded in a world where identity is forfeited to society without even the

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