Essay on Comparing Book Vs. Movie

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Divergent—Book vs. Movie
In the first of the Divergent series, there are several differences between the movie and the book. These differences prove to make the book more enjoyable to readers. It is a typical thing in literature for a book to be more enjoyable to the reader than the movie will be as the reader has the freedom to decide what his own scenes look like. The book is superior to the movie in that the representations of violence are less in most ways than in the book. Also, the characters portrayal is much different when comparing the book and movie. Lastly, there is a significant difference in the chemistry and feelings of love, at least that are portrayed in the book are nonexistent in the movie. One major aspect that plays a large role in book to movie adaptations is the screenwriter’s ability to transform the book. The screenwriter must be able to not only transform the book, but he must have the critical adaptability to make it successful. “This involves first distribution, then audience reception.” (Jeanelle 99) The screenwriter has to be able to get into the audience’s head and determine whether they will have a good interpretation of the illustrations being made. They must be able to take out enough of the book to substantially bring down the time limit for the movie. A major struggle for screenwriters, however, is not loosing any important aspects that make the book and the story what it is.
In Divergent, the society is divided into five factions:…

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