Comparing Asian And Pacific And African Americans Essay

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Compare and Contrast Asian/Pacific and African Americans The United States of America is best described with terms “mosaic” and “tapestry” to indicate diversity in the country (Shusta, R. M., Levine, D. R., Wong, H. Z., Olson, A. T., & Harris, P. R., 2015). Numerous cultures, races, and ethnic groups migrated to the U.S.A. and established their own small communities based on the similarities and backgrounds of the people. Even though culturally and historically Asian/Pacific Americans differ from the African American group, there are various resemblances in the treatment and acceptance of them by the American communities, including the law enforcement. Based on the historical information available, the Asian/Pacific Americans migrated voluntarily to the United States (Shusta et al., 2015). Most of them were in search of a better life and future, while others simply followed their families. First Asians arrived in 1850’s and they predominantly worked in California’s gold mines and on the transcontinental railroad (Shusta et al., 2015). Many migrants came to the U.S. with little or no money, thus were compelled to accept any jobs they were offered, even if the pay was low, in order to support themselves and their families in an unknown country. In contrast, African Americans were the only migrants forced to come to America against their will, where they were enslaved and denied their rights for an extended period of time (Shusta et al., 2015). The slaves were treated as…

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