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Where you go to high school is usually not a choice that you make on your own. It depends on where you live, or if you attend a private school, how much money your family has. I spent the majority of my high school years in two different schools; Eisenhower High School in Lawton, Oklahoma; and Sheridan High School in Sheridan, Oregon. Although there were some similarities between the two schools, they were so different enough that I was able to gain a good understanding of how students learn in each environment. Eisenhower High School was one of the three high schools in Lawton, Oklahoma. It was located on the intersection of Gore Boulevard and 52nd street on the western side of town. With a student population of over one thousand students, …show more content…
Upon leaving the bus, students were broken into five lines to enter the school through metal detectors. All of our belongings were searched and returned to us as we passed through. To put it another way, it was a similar process to boarding a plane, except we handed them our student ID’s instead of government issued cards and plane tickets. The amount of students walking the halls reminded me of a trail of ants. Everybody was in such a hurry that you could not stop in the hallways or you would block traffic. Most of my classes had over thirty students; therefore, it was hard to get any sort of one-on-one help that I needed at times. Friends, however, were easy to make since there were so many people. Each day I went to five classes an hour long each and they went by …show more content…
In addition, there were blue and gold days that determined which three classes you took that day. These classes usually lasted about two hours. I never felt comfortable sitting in the front, so I always took a seat in the back row of each class. Since Sheridan was such a small school, I had friends in all of my classes. The milieu of the classrooms made it difficult to pay attention to the lessons. Usually, if you were known to misbehave or talk during class the teachers would give you a warning, then send you to the principals office. Since I had many friends, I would always be talking during class. Even if I had intended to pay attention, someone would strike up a conversation with me and I would be guilty by association. Trying to learn in this environment became a difficult task for

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