Comparison Essay: The Differences Between Summer Vs. Winter

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Lounging in a chair drinking ice cold water, thinking of how nice winter will feel when it approaches or waiting for your car to warm up, thinking about how nice the summer sun will feel. We've all been here and thought the same way. We don't always realize it, but our way of living changes as the seasons change. What we wear and the temperature are two very noticeable changes. But there are also many different changes to go along with those two. Throughout this writing, you will read about the differences between summer and winter.
When in winter or summer, there is always sports going on. In winter you can choose to either watch basketball, wrestling, hockey, or volleyball. These two sports are very big and are watched and played by millions. Once summer rolls around you have a vaster selection of sports. You can choose from football, track, baseball, rugby, soccer, and tennis. You can play any sport in any season but in these seasons, is where the team's actual season begins.
Throughout each season,
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In Iowa for example, the average temperature in the summer reaches up to 60.3 and in the winter, its gets low as 14 on average. These are two very noticeable changes but it very astounding to look at the numbers and really think of how cold or hot it gets. Many people in Iowa love the cold weather, but many also hate it and love the warm sun.
While in summer, most people wear light clothes to stay cool. While in winter many people wear layers of clothes to stay warm. This brings me to my next difference, clothing. Since there is such a difference in the temperatures, it requires you to dress very differently. Most people in warm summer weather prefer to wear shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. In winter people almost have to wear a coat with pants to keep your body temperature warm. This may be an oblivious difference but the way we dress changes drastically, our entire wardrobe

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